Gisele Bundchen (left) & Blake Lively (right)

Gisele Bundchen (left) & Blake Lively (right)

What else can a man ask for! They are blond, tall, talented, famous and attractive! Oh, and they have tons of money too!

gisele-blake lively

It is Brazilian Gisele Bundchen and Blake lively I am talking about. They are a physically identical! In addition to their beauty, the super models act and are known for their powerful fashion endorsements and earnings like GUCCI & CHANNEL (Blake) and Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior (Gisele).

blake lively- gisele

Yes, the girls who dated Leonardo DiCaprio and then moved on to more serious relationships with other hot guys. It seems Leo’s breakup inspired them to get married.

leo dicaprio -blake lively

We haven’t heard about baby desires from the newly weds Ryan Reynolds and the Gossip girl star but Giselle did have her two babies already with Tom Brady the American football quarterback. Even during pregnancy the Victoria Secret Angel looked stunning.  She is back to her same body like nothing happened!

underwear gisele and blake

Lets see if the gifted sister from the traveling pants has the same luck!

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Stylist Nicole Chavez with The OC actress Rachel Bilson

Stylist Nicole Chavez with The OC actress Rachel Bilson

Choosing the look of the day is trivial for many, but for these celebrities it means everything! Stylists Nicole Chavez and Monica Rose are parallel competitors. A normal person regularly puts on an outfit depending on the outside temperature. These young fashionable ladies on the other hand, have to think bigger than the climate. They rise up to analyze the latest trends and the styles their clients demand.

While Nicole calls Rachel Bilson for an elegant dress try, Monica Rose calls Kim Kardashian for a sexy dress fitting. Having LA as their home makes it easier for them to work with more celebrities for red carpet events. Rose clients include the E Entertainment girls, The Kardashian family, Debbie Matenopolous and Catt Sadler. Chavez, the Latina raised in America, dressed stars like Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl, Amy Smart and Kristen Bell .

Stylist Monica Rose

Stylist Monica Rose

If you think about it, they do look physically alike as well!

Who else will they end up dressing…

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The Mole Model Duplicates! Cindy Crawford & Tatiana De los Rios

You thought Cindy Crawford was the only model with a famous mole! You were wrong.

She has a Latin celeb copy out there and her name is Tatiana de los Rios. The Colombian became a hit after participating in a music video. Although she is not a singer she enjoys dancing and helping those in need, similarly to Cindy who heartened by her younger brother loss owed to leukemia made childhood leukemia a priority to fight for.

Tatiana de los Rios & Cindy Crawford

Tatiana de los Rios & Cindy Crawford

Cindy grew to become a mother and wife for the second time. Tatiana married as well except one time and still has no children like Cindy does. Without hesitation Cindy Crawford has more recognition, more sophistication, a higher income, (being one of the most highly paid models in the world) and a greater ballgame. She matured her name brand into a furniture line and a line of beauty products.

tatiana-cindy crawford

Tatiana has not done that, hitherto, she keeps posing for trendy magazines and walking in celebrated runways. The Latin duplicate finds herself studying acting so maybe we will find playing roles in television and fortuitously in film like the American model did.

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Reality Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Latin Ana Karina Soto Equal Each Other!

While celebrities try to keep their lives as private as possible Kim and Ana Karina attempt to make them public. It is the other way around for the two modeling ”morenas” who joined reality shows to get a step closer to Hollywood.

Ana Karina (left and middle) & Kim Kardashian

Ana Karina (left and middle) & Kim Kardashian

Ana Karina hoped acting would provide the fame she dreamed with when she participated in Protagonistas de Novela in 2002 a reality show that locked many “want to be actors” in a big place where they would spend months exposing their emotions and their abilities to get along with their roommates in stressful situations. Although she failed to get first place in the competition she did win recognition and a place as an entertainment anchor for RCN Television a Colombian TV Network.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Ana Karina s

Just like Kim Kardashian, all of the privileges acquired later on were primarily due to her silhouette, her television contract and most of all, her sex tape.

The entire country witnessed a video she recorded with her ex-boyfriend Pedro Palacios, another actor from the reality, having sexual relationships. Around the same time in 2008, Kim’s home sex video with singer Ray J was disclosed. America saw her big hips for the first time and they were shocked they were bigger than J. Lo’s! She immediately became E Entertainments star in Keeping up with the Kardashians were the family became the subject of every American including president’s Obama’s girls. Who wouldn’t with Ryan Seacrest, as the executive producer! He is only America’s greatest entertainment anchor and entertainment businessman!

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Ana Karina soto

Anyways, Ana Karina Soto did not have the wedding of the year, her contacts and wealth is not as extensive as Kim Kardashian who wanted to compete with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s historic royal wedding. But I am sure having the opportunity Ana Karina would not contemplate the idea of repeating Kim Kardashian’s moves.

Will Ana Karina look like this when she gets pregnant to her Kanya West after her expected wedding?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant

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Biggest Blond Sex Symbols Side by Side: Natalia Paris & Pamela Anderson

Natalia Paris (left) & Pamela Anderson (right)

Natalia Paris (left) & Pamela Anderson (right)

From notebook, to posters, to TV shows, to lotions and creams, censored magazines, and exposed seaside videos, these erotic models are everywhere! They became epic signs of sensuality since they were young and will remain especially in men’s minds forever, not necessarily due to their class and manners but for their untidy impish behaviors.

natalia.pamela magazines

Decades pass and the Latin fashion celebrity Natalia Paris still conserves her enviable perfect curves that place her on top of the charts even today. Her image backs off her electronic DJ tours and gave her the chance to star in Colombian movies resembling her Canadian duplicate who appeared in Baywatch the show that brought her to stardom. Instead of saving lives from drowning this erotic lifeguard would take any man’s breath away!natalia paris and pamela

Through their excessive bra sizes they showed humanity “the bigger the better”. Fear was not a word in their dictionary evidently by getting married to heavily controversial men. After sex tapes debate where Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson appeared with boyfriend Tommy Lee purposely active and then found out someone released them without compliance, Pamela became eco-friendly and animal responsive. Similarly Natalia finds herself in touch with nature and living things. A few years ago, she opened her individual line of body treatment products like Pamela.

natalia paris-pamela anderson

Still consider Pamela Anderson the most arousing model?

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Meet the Burning Irish Colombian Duplicates Collin Farrell and Lincoln Palomeque

Catch a glimpse of those thick eyebrows! They are so pronounced you wish these ardent actors would stare right into your face. One comes from Ireland, the other one from Colombia, yet so physically identical.

Collin Farrell (left) & Lincoln Palomeque (right)

Collin Farrell (left) & Lincoln Palomeque (right)

Latin celebrity Lincoln Palomeque currently dates Carolina Cruz a famous Colombian model and entertainment anchor. Collin Farrell in the other hand has passed through many famous women in his life, one gave him a son and another of the bunch, a playboy bunny, released a porn sex tape they recorded as a couple.

lincoln-collin farell

Lincoln 37, a year ahead from Collin, hopes to live in America with his former inamorata but there are no wedding plans yet for either of the actors. The Irish star, got out of his drug addiction by registering to rehab himself and joined an anti-bullying campaign by the name of Stand Up subsequently.

Who would you rather stare at?


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The White-headed News Duplicates: Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos

Celebs Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos are one of the best political and media analysts in the world. The white headed duplicate journalists share brilliant minds. It wasn’t enough for them to win a single Emmy Award, they added more to the list along the way with other numerous awards and nominations.

Anderson Cooper (left) & Jorge Ramos (right)

Anderson Cooper (left) & Jorge Ramos (right)

Pew Research Center an American nonprofit organization in charged of evaluating issues, movements and behaviors around the world named Mexican anchor Jorge Ramos the second most known Latino in US. His work clearly impacts Latin Americans and benefits those non-Spanish speaking individuals, including universal leaders, who need to communicate fundamental messages to the Latin realm.

shows cooper-jorge ramos

Anderson Cooper, a little paler in the skin than Ramos, doesn’t stay behind. Millions of actors, presidents, artists, you name it! Have granted him interviews aired in the notable morning shows too. Just like Ramos with Al Punto in Univision, Anderson has had his own talk show, only more: Anderson Live and Anderson Cooper 360°.The CNN American anchor has covered outstanding international journalism news.

Although Anderson is openly gay and Univision’s anchor is not, career wise they would make a fabulous mix. Our mind would probably confuse their physical looks but it would be a hit in TV! What do you think?

The anchor’s latest news:

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