Meet Ashton Kutcher’s Duplicate: Colombian actor Sebastian Martinez.

ashton kutcher Yes, there is another Asthon Kutcher out there girls! Not only are these two actors physically the same but they share very common characteristics. Both in their early thirties, the incredible hotties share fame, spontaneous personalities, and successful careers. They also have exactly the same taste, when it comes to love; now that they got married to older women who are identical in looks as well. ashton demi It is left to see if Sebastian will divorce Kathy Saenz 40, like Ashton did Demi Moore 50, and change her for a younger Mila Kunis 29.  In the mean time, if you ever want to hear Asthon Kutcher’s fluent Spanish skills, make sure you check Sebastian Martinez rather than listening to his cute twitter and facebook videos, were he tries to make himself understand by the Latin community but barely accomplishes it the right way. Warning though, you will easily fall in love with both quickly, as I did.

TWITTERAshton Kutcher: @aplusk  Sebastian Martínez: @bastianmarti  

Find more on Ashton’s current steps and how his love life is developing without Demi Moore:

Learn more about Sebastian Martinez:


About that-girl

I am a fun, talky, bilingual, Colombian-American girl who loves gossip and the entertainment industry. Packing a traveling bag is not my favorite thing to do but I do it in a regular basis in search of adventure and work. I grew to become a multimedia journalist who is stuck in between two different worlds and cannot stop comparing them. So here I am, writing a spectacular blog about it! Ever wonder if your favorite superstar has a clone out there? Someone who shares the same characteristics yet lives in a different world! I am here to show you every celebrity has a Latin equal without having to crossover into the other culture. Nice to meet you, stick around!
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