Is it their quick moves, their passion, their perfectly worked out bodies or their light brown hair that make them so attractive to rich iconic singers? Maybe it is that they were born the second day of a month and won the UEFA Champions League. Either way the two European soccer athletes who played for Manchester United sealed the deal and became fathers with two international powerful women. David Beckham goes to bed every night with businesswoman Victoria Beckham, while Pique dreams with  “Hips don’t lie” wife, former coach on The Voice, Shakira. Will Shakira eventually become a designer too?

David Beckham (left and right) & Gerard Pique (middle)

David Beckham (left and right) & Gerard Pique (middle)

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About that-girl

I am a fun, talky, bilingual, Colombian-American girl who loves gossip and the entertainment industry. Packing a traveling bag is not my favorite thing to do but I do it in a regular basis in search of adventure and work. I grew to become a multimedia journalist who is stuck in between two different worlds and cannot stop comparing them. So here I am, writing a spectacular blog about it! Ever wonder if your favorite superstar has a clone out there? Someone who shares the same characteristics yet lives in a different world! I am here to show you every celebrity has a Latin equal without having to crossover into the other culture. Nice to meet you, stick around!
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