Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff

Aside from being two of the most powerful women in the world, these two politicians have manifold commonalities you maybe have not encountered yet. For starters, they where born 1967 during the fall and gave birth to their first and only daughters: Chelsea Clinton, 33 and Paula Rousseff, 37.

HILLARY-DILMABefore pregnancy they committed to long-term relationships but somehow to unfaithful men! The love for their partners was stronger than the one these men had for them since the two men, Bill Clinton and Carlos Franklin de Araújo, found themselves attracted to other women secretly.

Dilma and HillaryAs for their careers, Dilma did not attend law school but her father did, she was no teacher like Hilary in her past but she sure was born to one, mother Dilma Jane Silva. Dilma´s past went from hardcore experiences involving jail time and alleged torture to becoming Brazil´s first woman in presidency. However, her days in prison were charged to activism and a struggle to stand for her political beliefs and Hilary has spent her life working cases, the government’s law and politics to accomplish these along with her own missions and objectives.

Dilma Presidential CampaignUnfortunately, lymphoma cancer stroke Dilma in 2009 but with treatment she is now cancer free. Let’s hope this is the case for Hilary, who appears to be battling brain cancer with symptoms including headaches, vision and memory difficulties due to a blood clot found by doctors between the brain and the skull. Get better Hilary Clinton, you have shown your strength before. There are still many rooting for you!

Hillary during campaign

Hillary during campaign

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