Roselyn Sánchez (left) & Sandra Bullock (right)

Roselyn Sánchez (left) & Sandra Bullock (right)

Apparently the talented brunettes like the same color and styles! So imagine the fight around the closet to wear the same dress!

They fit the perfect sisters profile, riding the same car to go to acting class, meeting famous people everyday, fixing their hair to go to red carpets… I guess if I would have written the blog earlier then car pull would have been effective and appointments more practical. Yet they had to grow in different countries to get divorced and then move on.

sandra bullock- roselyn sanchez

Born in Puerto Rico, Roselyn Sanchez knows how to speak fluent Spanish and won Miss Puerto Rico/ Miss American Petite contest, a Latin Grammy nomination and numerous annual magazine titles that ranked her as one of the most beautiful hot, desirable, sexy woman around earth.

roselyn revistas

Wait, but didn’t Sandra win Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock takes the lead on the singer by winning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Critics Choice Movies Award, plus other global recognitions.

Miss Congeniality-Sandra Bullock

Far from their beauty identical looks, they are wonderful activist women who try to make a difference: Sandra, through her charity work and adoption, as for Roselyn, as an advocate for animal rights and a former affiliate of PETA.

roselyn animals

Latest News on the girls and more:


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I am a fun, talky, bilingual, Colombian-American girl who loves gossip and the entertainment industry. Packing a traveling bag is not my favorite thing to do but I do it in a regular basis in search of adventure and work. I grew to become a multimedia journalist who is stuck in between two different worlds and cannot stop comparing them. So here I am, writing a spectacular blog about it! Ever wonder if your favorite superstar has a clone out there? Someone who shares the same characteristics yet lives in a different world! I am here to show you every celebrity has a Latin equal without having to crossover into the other culture. Nice to meet you, stick around!
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