The White-headed News Duplicates: Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos

Celebs Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos are one of the best political and media analysts in the world. The white headed duplicate journalists share brilliant minds. It wasn’t enough for them to win a single Emmy Award, they added more to the list along the way with other numerous awards and nominations.

Anderson Cooper (left) & Jorge Ramos (right)

Anderson Cooper (left) & Jorge Ramos (right)

Pew Research Center an American nonprofit organization in charged of evaluating issues, movements and behaviors around the world named Mexican anchor Jorge Ramos the second most known Latino in US. His work clearly impacts Latin Americans and benefits those non-Spanish speaking individuals, including universal leaders, who need to communicate fundamental messages to the Latin realm.

shows cooper-jorge ramos

Anderson Cooper, a little paler in the skin than Ramos, doesn’t stay behind. Millions of actors, presidents, artists, you name it! Have granted him interviews aired in the notable morning shows too. Just like Ramos with Al Punto in Univision, Anderson has had his own talk show, only more: Anderson Live and Anderson Cooper 360°.The CNN American anchor has covered outstanding international journalism news.

Although Anderson is openly gay and Univision’s anchor is not, career wise they would make a fabulous mix. Our mind would probably confuse their physical looks but it would be a hit in TV! What do you think?

The anchor’s latest news:


About that-girl

I am a fun, talky, bilingual, Colombian-American girl who loves gossip and the entertainment industry. Packing a traveling bag is not my favorite thing to do but I do it in a regular basis in search of adventure and work. I grew to become a multimedia journalist who is stuck in between two different worlds and cannot stop comparing them. So here I am, writing a spectacular blog about it! Ever wonder if your favorite superstar has a clone out there? Someone who shares the same characteristics yet lives in a different world! I am here to show you every celebrity has a Latin equal without having to crossover into the other culture. Nice to meet you, stick around!
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