Reality Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Latin Ana Karina Soto Equal Each Other!

While celebrities try to keep their lives as private as possible Kim and Ana Karina attempt to make them public. It is the other way around for the two modeling ”morenas” who joined reality shows to get a step closer to Hollywood.

Ana Karina (left and middle) & Kim Kardashian

Ana Karina (left and middle) & Kim Kardashian

Ana Karina hoped acting would provide the fame she dreamed with when she participated in Protagonistas de Novela in 2002 a reality show that locked many “want to be actors” in a big place where they would spend months exposing their emotions and their abilities to get along with their roommates in stressful situations. Although she failed to get first place in the competition she did win recognition and a place as an entertainment anchor for RCN Television a Colombian TV Network.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Ana Karina s

Just like Kim Kardashian, all of the privileges acquired later on were primarily due to her silhouette, her television contract and most of all, her sex tape.

The entire country witnessed a video she recorded with her ex-boyfriend Pedro Palacios, another actor from the reality, having sexual relationships. Around the same time in 2008, Kim’s home sex video with singer Ray J was disclosed. America saw her big hips for the first time and they were shocked they were bigger than J. Lo’s! She immediately became E Entertainments star in Keeping up with the Kardashians were the family became the subject of every American including president’s Obama’s girls. Who wouldn’t with Ryan Seacrest, as the executive producer! He is only America’s greatest entertainment anchor and entertainment businessman!

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Ana Karina soto

Anyways, Ana Karina Soto did not have the wedding of the year, her contacts and wealth is not as extensive as Kim Kardashian who wanted to compete with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s historic royal wedding. But I am sure having the opportunity Ana Karina would not contemplate the idea of repeating Kim Kardashian’s moves.

Will Ana Karina look like this when she gets pregnant to her Kanya West after her expected wedding?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant

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