Stylist Nicole Chavez with The OC actress Rachel Bilson

Stylist Nicole Chavez with The OC actress Rachel Bilson

Choosing the look of the day is trivial for many, but for these celebrities it means everything! Stylists Nicole Chavez and Monica Rose are parallel competitors. A normal person regularly puts on an outfit depending on the outside temperature. These young fashionable ladies on the other hand, have to think bigger than the climate. They rise up to analyze the latest trends and the styles their clients demand.

While Nicole calls Rachel Bilson for an elegant dress try, Monica Rose calls Kim Kardashian for a sexy dress fitting. Having LA as their home makes it easier for them to work with more celebrities for red carpet events. Rose clients include the E Entertainment girls, The Kardashian family, Debbie Matenopolous and Catt Sadler. Chavez, the Latina raised in America, dressed stars like Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl, Amy Smart and Kristen Bell .

Stylist Monica Rose

Stylist Monica Rose

If you think about it, they do look physically alike as well!

Who else will they end up dressing…


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I am a fun, talky, bilingual, Colombian-American girl who loves gossip and the entertainment industry. Packing a traveling bag is not my favorite thing to do but I do it in a regular basis in search of adventure and work. I grew to become a multimedia journalist who is stuck in between two different worlds and cannot stop comparing them. So here I am, writing a spectacular blog about it! Ever wonder if your favorite superstar has a clone out there? Someone who shares the same characteristics yet lives in a different world! I am here to show you every celebrity has a Latin equal without having to crossover into the other culture. Nice to meet you, stick around!
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