Roselyn Sánchez (left) & Sandra Bullock (right)

Roselyn Sánchez (left) & Sandra Bullock (right)

Apparently the talented brunettes like the same color and styles! So imagine the fight around the closet to wear the same dress!

They fit the perfect sisters profile, riding the same car to go to acting class, meeting famous people everyday, fixing their hair to go to red carpets… I guess if I would have written the blog earlier then car pull would have been effective and appointments more practical. Yet they had to grow in different countries to get divorced and then move on.

sandra bullock- roselyn sanchez

Born in Puerto Rico, Roselyn Sanchez knows how to speak fluent Spanish and won Miss Puerto Rico/ Miss American Petite contest, a Latin Grammy nomination and numerous annual magazine titles that ranked her as one of the most beautiful hot, desirable, sexy woman around earth.

roselyn revistas

Wait, but didn’t Sandra win Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock takes the lead on the singer by winning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Critics Choice Movies Award, plus other global recognitions.

Miss Congeniality-Sandra Bullock

Far from their beauty identical looks, they are wonderful activist women who try to make a difference: Sandra, through her charity work and adoption, as for Roselyn, as an advocate for animal rights and a former affiliate of PETA.

roselyn animals

Latest News on the girls and more:

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THE WILLIAM CLONES: William Brad Pitt & William Levy

Oh look, they have the same name! They even look the same with their hair long!

William Levy (left) William Bradley Pitt (right)

William Levy (left) William Bradley Pitt (right)

Maybe we should be naming our boys William so we make sure they turn into slick attractive men! It is hard to notice the difference between these hunks, physically and personality wise. Which one is sexier?


I mean together, they have startling talent and speak fluent English even though Levy is Cuban American.They both are wonderful international actors, Brad Pitt more recognized commercially though bountiful movies of course, nonetheless, Levy has his moves going on for him in Dancing with the Stars and his roles in Telenovelas such as Protagonistas de Novela, AcorraladaCuidado con el ÁngelMujeres Asesinas and others.

dancing with the stars

Millions of fans would die to take the place of their fellow acting companions for at least one day. It would be the only way to escape their current love lives with also pretty famous acting girlfriends, Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Exactly alike models at younger age. Brad Pitt (left) William Levy (right)

Exactly alike models at younger age. Brad Pitt (left) William Levy (right)

Funny thing about them is their hesitation to take their next step with their lovers. Even after becoming fathers to their children, postponement seems the way to go, probably because they went through harsh separations, Brad with famed Jennifer Aniston, and William Levy well, separating from the same woman, her sweetheart after 8 years of relationship due to rumors with known Mexican actress Maite Perroni.

eli y levy

While Mr. & Mrs. Smith tore Brad and Jens relationship, William Levy hopes his last soap opera with Televisa channel, will turn it around helping the wounded relationship get stronger.

passion william levy.brad pitt

It has not been confirmed yet that Elizabeth would play the heroin, but Levy seems positive that once it happens, they will air like Angelina and Brad’s passionate classic.

william levy family

Perhaps at the end, Elizabeth and William will decide to adopt children or for that matter marry already, like Brad is planning to this year.

pitt jolie family

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff

Aside from being two of the most powerful women in the world, these two politicians have manifold commonalities you maybe have not encountered yet. For starters, they where born 1967 during the fall and gave birth to their first and only daughters: Chelsea Clinton, 33 and Paula Rousseff, 37.

HILLARY-DILMABefore pregnancy they committed to long-term relationships but somehow to unfaithful men! The love for their partners was stronger than the one these men had for them since the two men, Bill Clinton and Carlos Franklin de Araújo, found themselves attracted to other women secretly.

Dilma and HillaryAs for their careers, Dilma did not attend law school but her father did, she was no teacher like Hilary in her past but she sure was born to one, mother Dilma Jane Silva. Dilma´s past went from hardcore experiences involving jail time and alleged torture to becoming Brazil´s first woman in presidency. However, her days in prison were charged to activism and a struggle to stand for her political beliefs and Hilary has spent her life working cases, the government’s law and politics to accomplish these along with her own missions and objectives.

Dilma Presidential CampaignUnfortunately, lymphoma cancer stroke Dilma in 2009 but with treatment she is now cancer free. Let’s hope this is the case for Hilary, who appears to be battling brain cancer with symptoms including headaches, vision and memory difficulties due to a blood clot found by doctors between the brain and the skull. Get better Hilary Clinton, you have shown your strength before. There are still many rooting for you!

Hillary during campaign

Hillary during campaign

Latest news on Hilary Clinton and Dilma Rousseff:

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Is it their quick moves, their passion, their perfectly worked out bodies or their light brown hair that make them so attractive to rich iconic singers? Maybe it is that they were born the second day of a month and won the UEFA Champions League. Either way the two European soccer athletes who played for Manchester United sealed the deal and became fathers with two international powerful women. David Beckham goes to bed every night with businesswoman Victoria Beckham, while Pique dreams with  “Hips don’t lie” wife, former coach on The Voice, Shakira. Will Shakira eventually become a designer too?

David Beckham (left and right) & Gerard Pique (middle)

David Beckham (left and right) & Gerard Pique (middle)

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Meet Ashton Kutcher’s Duplicate: Colombian actor Sebastian Martinez.

ashton kutcher Yes, there is another Asthon Kutcher out there girls! Not only are these two actors physically the same but they share very common characteristics. Both in their early thirties, the incredible hotties share fame, spontaneous personalities, and successful careers. They also have exactly the same taste, when it comes to love; now that they got married to older women who are identical in looks as well. ashton demi It is left to see if Sebastian will divorce Kathy Saenz 40, like Ashton did Demi Moore 50, and change her for a younger Mila Kunis 29.  In the mean time, if you ever want to hear Asthon Kutcher’s fluent Spanish skills, make sure you check Sebastian Martinez rather than listening to his cute twitter and facebook videos, were he tries to make himself understand by the Latin community but barely accomplishes it the right way. Warning though, you will easily fall in love with both quickly, as I did.

TWITTERAshton Kutcher: @aplusk  Sebastian Martínez: @bastianmarti  

Find more on Ashton’s current steps and how his love life is developing without Demi Moore:

Learn more about Sebastian Martinez:

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